How to Make a Para-cord Bracelet in 11 Easy Steps

afrankelSurvival, Survival Gear

Paracord bracelets are pretty popular in the survival community. Safe to say, they are one of the top five survival fashion accessories. But like most, if not all things in survival, they are very useful as well.

After fire and a knife, cordage ranks as one of the most important items in your survival kit. Paracord bracelets can be unwoven and used in a survival situation – some can yield as much as 20 feet of cord. The cord can be used to help build a pair of snow shoes, lash things together, suspend yourself… you name it.

Paracord bracelets can be a little pricey for what they are. Some fetch as much as $30! Making one yourself is a great way to practice your skills and to save yourself a few bucks. There are several how-to articles on the web, but here is a simple step-by-step set of directions for making a Para-cord bracelet.


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