Moving Mountains


This is the latest article from Neil on achieving goals….

When you look around…You can see a myth playing out in modern society…

That you’re supposed to feel good all the time.

You should be comfortable, happy, pain-free, and always in control.

So, any experience different from that is often seen as an unwanted glitch…

Something we should get rid of, or make an app to solve.

As I touched on last time, when it comes to reaching goals, our avoidant control strategies don’t bode well for us in the long-term…

Because they keep us locked in place, while turning bad feelings into chronic issues that only get worse over time.

What helps to override this pattern is a higher-level understanding about achievements…

Especially when they’re audaciously big, or new results we’ve never produced before.

That is: The laws of physics apply to all our movements—not just physically, but mentally as well.

You may wake up one day and excitedly decide to start thinking and being in a new way…

But the moment that desire is moved into action, it’s immediately met with inertia.

You will be fighting against gravity and friction, in the form of old habits and beliefs, as well as general adversity, which requires effort to push through.

So, the first point is: When moving toward any goals or dream, there will be an inevitable counter-force.


When you acknowledge and accept this fact, it becomes easier to welcome the challenge.

The second point is: That counter-force can be overcome.

Some may use brute strength, to simply exert greater force than the opposing resistance…

But not every obstacle can be moved by sheer muscle.

Let’s say you’re trying to move a cement block. Rather than using strength alone (and likely hurting yourself without making any progress…)

You can create extra leverage by using tools and strategies—like pulleys, slides, lubricant, or recruiting extra help—and beat those forces using intelligence.

Through understanding the mechanics involved in your goal, and your mind, you’re able to design and implement strategies to hack the situation and produce the desired result.

Though the best solutions always seem to come from others, because you can’t see them.

That’s why I believe we’re not meant to face any major obstacle alone.

Because we’re social creatures. Cooperation is our greatest evolutionary advantage. That applies not just to our survival, but our goals as well.

With the right tools, and enough of us together, we can literally move mountains.