What is Enmeshment and How to Get Rid of It

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One simple thing that changed my life was learning the word enmeshment. Everyone knows what abandonment is: This is when a caregiver abandons, is detached from, or doesn’t provide for the child. This can range from a parent who isn’t physically present, to a parent who is physically present but emotionally distant, to a parent who doesn’t ensure adequate care … Read More

The Quick-Start Guide to Healing Trauma and Psychological Wounds

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healing trauma

A  Framework For Transformation Over the course of writing The Truth, I came to develop a very specific take on healing trauma, specifically developmental trauma, as I slowly but surely reduced my own. As an overall framework for psychological healing, think of the childhood pain and shame we store—and the dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts created by them—as cancerous tumors attached to the heart … Read More