How To Let Gratitude Change Your Life

Neil StraussNeil

I hope you all are sticking with The January Challenge: No putting yourself or others down. If so, no doubt you’re finding it improving your relationships with others and yourself in the New Year.

It is now February, which means it’s time for our next challenge, suggested by Inner Circler David J.


February is Gratitude Month here at the Inner Circle.

This month, we are going to focus on what’s right with us instead of what’s wrong. Where last month we learned to stop depreciating ourselves and others, this month we are going to learn to start appreciating the things we do have.

Notice in your conversations how often you’re wanting or desiring, complaining or worrying, stuck in the past or obsessing on the future, wishing you were somewhere else or someone else or with someone else.

How much of that really helps you become a better person?

One major thing I noticed in The Game was that being negative or sarcastic was a repellant to attraction, while being positive and appreciative was an amplifier to attraction.

So here’s the challenge for February:

1. Every day next month, you are going to select one thing in your life or about your life that you are grateful for or appreciative of.

2. You’re going to visit the website once a day in February and type a short email to yourself in the future reminding yourself of what you selected to be grateful for. Note that you should select a DIFFERENT thing to appreciate each day.

3. Schedule each email to arrive on a different random date in 2014 AFTER February.

4. So not only will you find 28 things you’re grateful for this month, but you will be reminded throughout the year, sometimes in difficult moments, to snap out of any self-induced misery or anxiety and into positivity and gratitude.

Yes, it’s a very different kind of month and a different kind of challenge, but that’s because this is going to be a big year of growth and evolution for all of us.