Friday Gear Report: Lock Picking

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Gear Report: An October Zombie Edition.

This Friday we bring you some of the best Lock Picks I have found and a good educational source on the topic.

Why you would learn lock picking was covered in our previous article Lock Picking: Why Would You Learn It. In this article we will touch on it briefly and then move on to gear; it’s Friday after all.

This article is for educational purposes only. If you purchase lock picking supplies and engage in “sport picking” be sure to know your local laws and proceed with caution as well as good morals and sense.

Lock picking can be a very useful skill in everyday life. Since I acquired the skills I have saved myself, friends, and family the aggravation and expense of calling a lock smith to come open a lock.

In a true SHTF situation, lock picking can be a way of procuring resources, completely abandoned of course, that would otherwise be out of reach. Once the Zombie Apocalypse comes, this could mean a lot of life sustaining and saving items (If you have not done so, read our short post that explains why we are talking about Zombies). This could also mean the difference between your ability to gain sanctuary and being eaten by the Zombie Horde.

Bogota SERE Lock Pick Set

Bogota Entry Toolset

Bogota Entry Toolset

Bogota Entry Toolset is one of the highest quality, well designed, and minimal lock pick sets I have come across yet. Each pick in the two pick set doubles as a pick and as a tension wrench. In 90%, or more, of instances the rake and hook picks will cover your needs. They come in both Stainless Steel and Titanium. Price is typically from $30 – $40 per set depending on vendor and metal choice.

After using my set for the last six months, I can say these are great lock picks. I still like the feel of my HPCs better, but the space saving and flexible design of the Bogota picks makes them a winner.

Available via ITS Tactical and Preparedness Deals

Visual Guide To Lock Picking

Visual Guide To Lock Picking

Visual Guide To Lock Picking

There are a ton of free “How To Pick A Lock” videos on YouTube. However, the Visual Guide to Lock Picking offers a much more detailed discussion of the different kind of locks, tools, and methods of picking them. From time to time I will refer back to my copy to refresh my memory about a particular kind of uncommon locks operation.

Honestly, you can through tons of money at lock picking tools and gear, but it really boils down to skill. Better picks can make practicing more enjoyable, but in most cases they will not make picking easier. You also will probably never need the big sets with dozens of different types of picks. I don’t recommend them.

You can find endless “training aids” and practice locks on the web that run the gambit of prices. While they are useful, they are not necessary. If you want to learn and you are on a budget, go to the store and by a run of the mill master lock padlock. They are just challenging enough to get most people started. If after a couple of weeks of practice and you are still not able to open it, then look into the clear one too three pin practice locks.