Doomsday Preppers: Airing June 27th

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For those of you with a passion for prep make sure to check out National Geographic this evening: Doomsday Preppers             * Related Stories from The Inner Circle How To Build A Blackout Kit CERT: Emergency Response Training For The Masses Bug Out Bag Basics  

Friday Gear Report: Survival Stoves

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Gear Report: An October Zombie Edition. This Friday we bring you two new camping/survival stoves to hit the market; the Biolite Camp Stove and The Survival Stove. Ah, the survival stove. What self-respecting survivalist, urban or otherwise, doesn’t own a lightweight portable stove. After all, when the Zombie Hordes are nipping at your heals, you don’t want to be weighed … Read More

Gimme Shelter: Modern Disaster Shelters

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There are five main tenants of survival: Food, Water, Shelter, Warmth, and Security. The last two, warmth and security, you will find change from survival “expert” to survival expert, but the first three everyone agrees on. Shelter is often one that does not get enough attention. Preppers will focus on mountains of food, dozens of gallons of water, large stores … Read More

Friday Gear Report: Lock Picking

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Gear Report: An October Zombie Edition. This Friday we bring you some of the best Lock Picks I have found and a good educational source on the topic. Why you would learn lock picking was covered in our previous article Lock Picking: Why Would You Learn It. In this article we will touch on it briefly and then move on … Read More

Neil Strauss On World War Z

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Set ten years after Humanity’s victor over the Zombies, World War Z is the story told by a journalist for the U.N. Postwar Commission of the Zombie Apocalypse. The individual chapters are composed of first-person interviews in style of Theodore Judson’s Fitzpatrick’s War. Through the piecemeal stories of survivors, author Max Brooks tells the story of how Humanity nearly succumb … Read More

Friday Gear Report: October 15

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Gear Report: A October Zombie Edition. Zompoc: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Learn everything you ever needed to know and more about keeping yourself and your loved ones alive in a Zombie Apocalypse. This is the complete Zombie guide.

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Silencers

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An October Zombie Edition Why Silencers Are A Useful Tool Depending on the caliber, silenced firearms protect hearing without the shooter and people close by from having to wear hearing protection. In most instances, Silencers reduce the sound of a firearm to below OSHA guideline level for hearing damage. New shooters taught with silenced firearms are less likely to develop a flinch as they are … Read More

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse


Roughly a year ago my best friend insisted I read World War Z by Max Brooks. At first I was very reluctant. Zombie genre stuff just wasn’t me. After some prodding, I came around and picked up a copy. A chapter into it and I could not put the book down; I was hooked. Soon after, I plowed through several … Read More

Friday Gear Report: LifeSaver Water Bottle

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An October Zombie edition. This week we bring you: The LifeSaver water bottle and Jerry cans. What could be more important than the ability to quickly and easily filter water when the Zombie Hordes have knocked out all semblance of civilization taking with it you safe drinking water.