Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Silencers

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An October Zombie Edition

Why Silencers Are A Useful Tool

Depending on the caliber, silenced firearms protect hearing without the shooter and people close by from having to wear hearing protection. In most instances, Silencers reduce the sound of a firearm to below OSHA guideline level for hearing damage. New shooters taught with silenced firearms are less likely to develop a flinch as they are not started by the harsh sound of firearms. It also makes receiving instruction much easier. Silencers can actually increase the accuracy of a firearm by adding additional length and further stabilizing the bullet.

When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, you are going to want a Silencer. Silencers give you the ability to take on multiple Zombies without giving away your position since Silencers change the report of a firearm from directional to mostly omnidirectional. Since Zombies require more accurate shooting, the previously mentioned increased accuracy will be a welcomed by-product. These same characteristics are also very useful when controlling Coyote, Rabbit, and Rat populations.

My Introduction To Silencers

Element by AAC

I was first introduced to the world of Silencers approximately 3.5 years ago. It all started with a random trip to a mom and pop Class 3 shop. Jonathan, my co-host of the upcoming ITRH Urban Survival Podcast,  and I trekked over to their shop to look at Rock River Arms ARs. Being the social guy that I am I struck up a conversation with the wife/business partner about their business, how they got into Class 3 toys, etc. Within minutes we were getting an education about the ins and outs of regular civilians owning Class 3 weapons and accessories. Then came the education about Silencers. We fondled a few and learned about the different manufactures. Three big myths that were quickly dispelled for us was: 1) They don’t sound like they do in the movies 2) They are NOT illegal for civilians to own; just tricky, pricy, and time-consuming 3) You get a Class 3 Tax Stamp not a Class 3 License and you have to have one for every single Class 3 item you own. Getting the Class 3 Tax stamp is an exercise in patience and really doing your home work.

A year after our introduction we made contact with another firearms company dealing in Class 3 Toys and with much better customer service and sales, Talon Arms. You know you are a gun enthusiast when your gun store of choice requires an appointment. We did not go for silencers, but by the time we left had it stuck in our brains that we needed one, ok, some. Robert, one of the partners, took the time to really explain to us all about them and what it took to own a silencer. We each ended up buying a silencer for our Ruger 10 22s. Six lonnnnnnng months later we got a call that our Class 3 Tax Stamps were in and to come get our toys. The moment we picked them up we were already talking about which ones we wanted next. They are addictive.

Silencer Laws: Why Are Silencers Restricted

Silencers Are Legal

Yes, they are legal.

The Class 3 Tax Stamp was a way of controlling the sale of certain firearms and accessories without having to pass a law. Leave it to politicians to find a way around the “Congress shall make no law.. ” constitution bit. When the $200 Tax was first introduced it was an outrageous price to pay. Those pushing the Class 3 Tax Stamp billed it simply as a Tax and for a time they actually tried to make it look like a legitimate tax and not a control by making the IRS the issuing agency. Over the years the Federal Agency charged with issuing the Tax Stamp has changed hands numerous times till they seemed to have just given up hiding it’s purpose and gave it to the BATF.

For more information around the history and constitutionality of Class 3 Tax Stamp read “Lies the Government Told You.” Even if you don’t, it is something everyone should read.

Transport, Storage,  and Shooting with a Silencer

When transporting a silencer it is very important to keep a copy of your paperwork and tax stamp. I highly recommend you keep the originals safe at home or some place a trusted friend or Lawyer can get to them if need be. Unfortunately, most law enforcement officers have little to no education when it comes to Class 3. 99% of the local level officers I know didn’t even know what a Class 3 Tax Stamp was or that civilians could own Silencers. I know a lot of LEOs so this was a shocking number at first.

Store your silencer the same way you would a gun you are not using, in a safe. The Tax Stamp is 100% tied to you, your trust, or your corporation as is the serial number of the Silencer.

Gun ranges can have some very strange and illogical rules. Some ranges ban anything that is Class 3 outright. Ask if they are allowed before whipping one out and going to town.

Learn More About Silencers

Can U - Silencer University

Can U – Silencer University: www.aaccanu.com

In the recent past, the best way to learn about Suppressors was to visit forums like Silencer Talk, and through reputable retailers like Talon Arms.

On October 4th, Advanced Armament Corp launched an educational site about Suppressors and dubbed it Can U – Silencer University. Can U has two levels and both are free. There is the Undergraduate for the general public and Graduate for Dealers.



From Can U’s website:

Created by AAC, Can U is an interactive website designed to educate the general public about current silencer laws and regulations. Complete with an Undergraduate section for civilians and a Graduate section for dealers, Can U will teach you everything you need to know about silencers, from benefits to legality, and functionality to history. Upon completion of the “courses”, you will take a short “Final Exam”, after which you will forever be a member of Can U! With your Can U membership in hand, you will have access to special deals and discounts that your friends can only dream about

Images graciously provided by Advanced Armament Corporation.

I highly suggest anyone interested in silencers, whether you are a complete newbie or a pro, going and checking out their site.