Dude, Where’s My Car Bag?

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It’s in your car! Now that we have that settled, let’s move on to the finer details. One of the great things about the Car Bag is the freedom that comes with not having to carry it around, or think so much about what should go in and what should stay out because you might need to carry it. Now, … Read More

The 5 Types Of Survival Bags

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Survival Bags Defined. When it comes to survival in any environment, most of us need gear. A human being, naked and without supplies, is just not in a good position for survival. So, unless you were raised by wolves, you’re probably going to need some stuff to help keep you alive. And, you’re also going to need a place to … Read More

Friday Gear Report: Spy Coins

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This week we bring you hollow spy coins for hiding important data or messages and the Zippo Hand Warmer. Hollow Spy Coins These days spy tools have all gone high tech… don’t get us wrong, it’s pretty cool to packet sniff someone’s network to ferret out secrets, but it just doesn’t have the same spy flavor as using a tiny … Read More

Friday Gear Report: Lock Picking

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Gear Report: An October Zombie Edition. This Friday we bring you some of the best Lock Picks I have found and a good educational source on the topic. Why you would learn lock picking was covered in our previous article Lock Picking: Why Would You Learn It. In this article we will touch on it briefly and then move on … Read More

Friday Gear Report: LifeSaver Water Bottle

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An October Zombie edition. This week we bring you: The LifeSaver water bottle and Jerry cans. What could be more important than the ability to quickly and easily filter water when the Zombie Hordes have knocked out all semblance of civilization taking with it you safe drinking water.

Friday Gear Report: October 1

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An October Zombie Edition. This week we bring you: The Zombie Survival Guide to teach you all the tactics and tools necessary to get you through the Zombie Apocalypse, The Zombie Survival Guide Deck so you can memorize all the info you need to know and for quick reference, a classic survival kit in a sardine can, and what could … Read More