8 Ways to Survive a Street Fight

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Whether you’re into the Game or Survival, there’s one situation that a lot of people ask me about–even though it happens very rarely. So for your ease of mind, I’ve gotten permission from the Art of Manliness to post their tightly packed primer on surviving a fight. Here’s hoping this is some advice you’ll never have to use. How To … Read More

Neil Strauss On Life After Terrorism

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Life After Terrorism is a well researched wealth of information on not only what Terrorists might do next, but also what they are unlikely to do next. Before you think this is just a book for survivalists, keep reading below. Author Bruce D. Clayton P.h.D. draws you into the world of Terrorists and their motives with a roller coaster of what could … Read More

Friday Gear Report: Survival Stoves

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Gear Report: An October Zombie Edition. This Friday we bring you two new camping/survival stoves to hit the market; the Biolite Camp Stove and The Survival Stove. Ah, the survival stove. What self-respecting survivalist, urban or otherwise, doesn’t own a lightweight portable stove. After all, when the Zombie Hordes are nipping at your heals, you don’t want to be weighed … Read More