Map out your patterns


This is the next article from Neil on breaking patterns and relationships. Patterns are everywhere… In Nature, in your behavior, as well as in your relationships with family. And if you tend to get stressed out or reactive around certain family members, you can be sure there’s a pattern at play. After all, where there’s reactivity, there’s a wound. To … Read More

Friday Gear Report: Survival Stoves

afrankelSurvival, Survival Gear

Gear Report: An October Zombie Edition. This Friday we bring you two new camping/survival stoves to hit the market; the Biolite Camp Stove and The Survival Stove. Ah, the survival stove. What self-respecting survivalist, urban or otherwise, doesn’t own a lightweight portable stove. After all, when the Zombie Hordes are nipping at your heals, you don’t want to be weighed … Read More

Friday Gear Report: October 15

afrankelSurvival, Survival Gear

Gear Report: A October Zombie Edition. Zompoc: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Learn everything you ever needed to know and more about keeping yourself and your loved ones alive in a Zombie Apocalypse. This is the complete Zombie guide.

Friday Gear Report: LifeSaver Water Bottle

afrankelSurvival, Survival Gear

An October Zombie edition. This week we bring you: The LifeSaver water bottle and Jerry cans. What could be more important than the ability to quickly and easily filter water when the Zombie Hordes have knocked out all semblance of civilization taking with it you safe drinking water.