You get to choose

Richard ArthurWriting

Something incredible happened…

My six-year-old son must have overheard me talking business with the team.

Because this weekend, he asked me to print out pictures of rare Pokemon cards.

Then he started affixing the photos over the faces of more generic Pokemon cards.

He looked at the result, and noted that it didn’t look shiny like the other Pokemon cards.

So he came up with the idea of covering the front with tape so it looked more laminated.

The end result were homemade rare Pokemon cards.

That afternoon, he brought all his Pokemon cards to a playdate with some friends.

I noticed that he was explaining how he made them.

Next thing I know, he was selling one for a dollar to one of the other kids.

I was in complete shock. I’d never seen him do anything like this before.

He walked over, held the dollar up in the air over his head, and exclaimed to me: “Business!”

Next thing I knew, that night, he had me and his mom in his room, helping him make more cards, calling us his employees.

I’m so proud to share my son getting his feet wet in the entrepreneurial world.


What I really love most is that he was honest about the cards, and didn’t try to pretend like they were real. And he still sold them.


It’s a lesson I didn’t discuss out loud around him, but somehow he intuitively understood.

So let’s touch now briefly on the bigger picture…

Let’s think about the ultimate question:

What’s it all for? What is the end goal of financial freedom and mastery?

Does it provide for yourself and your family?

Is it to live some higher purpose, or monetize your passion?

Is it just a feeling of having freedom and options?

The answer is:

You get to choose…

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