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    Help A Brother Out: I Just Got Divorced And I’ve Lost My Game

    lonely Hi Neil, About 8 years ago I suffered a crushing break up, which led me on a path of self discovery. I read into philosophy, psychiatry and eventually came across The Game. This journey brought me confidence and self-belief I never thought possible. Move forward to just over six years ago, and, there, I met...


    Why DHVs Matter More Than The Opener

    best-pick-up-lines Today’s post comes courtesy of Evolve and Sneak, two of our expert coaches at Stylelife. If you want more sage advice, visit Stylelife at any time. Enjoy…  As you know from your Stylelife lessons, the best way to prove your value, intelligence, and exquisitely exciting personality is through...


    Help A Brother Out: My Baby’s Mama Has A BF But Wants Me Back

    Break-up Hi Neil, I’m going to give you a little background on the subject. I am 23. I have a daughter with this girl whom I have dated for 3 1/2 years on and off. We broke up after she had the baby and she ended up dating someone else who was a friend of mine before. He recently was arrested and may be...


    The Game Today

    ns At every seminar, I always take the guys who are still virgins to lunch so they can get some extra one-on-one help. In the past, I used to tell them during lunch how to dress and present themselves better, how to be more comfortable in their own skin, and how to get past their sticking points. But then I...


    Lady Gaga On The Game

    gaga While I wasn’t surprised to learn that The Game fancied himself a player, I was surprised to learn that Lady Gaga was into The Game. Not only had she read it, but she’d used some of the principles. Some people say that her song “LoveGame,” with its lyrics about three seconds and indicators of...


    The Game On The Game

    the game While interviewing the rapper The Game I met him on the set of his video shoot for “Dreams,” the hit best known for the lyric, “I had dreams of fucking an R&B bitch like Mya.” On set, Game had something important on his mind. And that something was 5’2”, wearing a black silk robe, and named...


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