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This is the latest article from Neil on Attention Management. If you want to succeed in accomplishing your most important goals, read on below:  It is possible to stretch time. We do it every day. And we do it by taking a task that takes a very specific amount of time and taking anywhere from twice to ten times as long to … Read More

An Accidental Lesson

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This is the latest article from Neil on inner growth. So if you want to lead a great life, read on below: I hope that you are all healthy, wherever you are. A lot is going on right now, and with the extra time here at home, besides getting a lot of coaching and writing done, I want to write … Read More

You Can’t Heal PTSD While You’re Still on the Battlefield

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“You can’t heal PTSD while you’re still on the battlefield.” This is a thought I’ve shared many times while coaching. Here’s what it means: I believe that healing your traumas is one of the most important missions you can take on in your life. BUT if you are trying to get over the wounds of your childhood, particularly the limited … Read More

Are you being medicated?

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For Father’s Day, I took my son to the Great Wolf Lodge water park near Los Angeles. And one thing I noticed was that the place was filled with candy stores and fast food restaurants for the kids… And for the adults, there were bars serving alcohol… And I realized that, from the moment you can walk, you start getting … Read More

To Live and Die in LA Podcast

Neil StraussMissing Persons

In February 2018, Adea Shabani, a 25-year-old acting student who’d moved to Los Angeles a year and a half earlier to pursue her dreams of becoming a star, vanished out of nowhere from her Hollywood Boulevard apartment. The door was left unlocked. At the time, there were no leads and no witnesses. This is the story of what happened next… … Read More

Fake Survival Mode

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In order to survive, we need: Food Water Shelter Warmth Safety If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that this year, and in the near future, the first four survival needs are not ever going to be a concern. As for safety, if you live in the United States, your chances of dying due to violence or injury is .07 percent. … Read More

My All-Purpose Holiday Gift & End of Year Lessons

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Here’s a quick holiday suite of messages, plus a few more lessons from the fires. Thanks for the great responses, via email and in person. Glad the epiphany landed with you too. If you’re seeing family over the holidays, then this is your big chance to put everything you’ve learned during the Year of Deep Inner Game into practice. I’ve often … Read More

Try This Simple Water Hack Every Day

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A few months ago, I spent most of my nights tossing and turning, wondering why I couldn’t go to sleep. Normally, insomnia has psychological causes, like going through difficult times, or feeling excited about something that is about to happen. But there really wasn’t anything like that happening in my life. I was generally feeling great, working out, and meditating … Read More

Your Second Brain

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You have a second brain that helps run the one in your head. You see, there is something living inside of your gut. To be more specific, there is a whole ecosystem of living creatures, of microbes, living inside your body that, combined with a vast neural network, make up what’s known as your second brain. To be clear, this … Read More