24 Hours without Technology and Food

Richard ArthurAdvice

When was the last time you turned off your phone, computer, and TV for an entire day? And when was the last time you went 24 hours without eating?  If the answer is “I don’t know” or “never,” you need to consider a day of discipline like this… Recently, I went on a 24-hour fast – abstaining from all technology, … Read More

How to Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming To Take Risks

Richard ArthurAdvice

We get a lot of questions about neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). It has been described as a “subconscious brain science.”  To understand NLP more, imagine a door: On one side of this door, is everything we see and know — the world in our eyes. On the “other side” is everything we can’t see, and don’t know: Uncertainty Unsolved problems Unexpressed … Read More

How to Break Away from Overeating and Emotional Eating

Brian FishbachPodcast

Two friends of Neil and Gabby enter The Truth Barrel to share the truth about being chronically overweight: Scott (The Truth Barrel sound engineer), and Patrick (Neil’s temporary right-hand person). Both Scott and Patrick are over six feet and north of 300 pounds. Neil and Gabby do their best to make a potentially life-saving game-plan for Scott and Patrick to … Read More

How to Not Be Overwhelmed

Neil StraussAdvice

The other day I was talking to someone who was completely overwhelmed with her email. She told me that she was constantly receiving emails ALL the time, and this took away her time from everything else in life. I asked her… Do you have any boundaries around your email? She wasn’t sure what I meant, so we drilled a bit … Read More

The “Why” Behind Your Big Ideas

Richard ArthurAdvice

Let’s talk about your big idea… I’m assuming you have one (or many)… And the steps usually look like this: 1) You come up with the idea. 2) You set out to figure out how to do it, how everything would work… 3) But then you rationalized that you couldn’t do it, so you move on to the next big … Read More

Tom Petty (1950-2017)

Neil StraussThe Loop

Tom Petty sat in his Malibu home on a warm summer afternoon, sipping from a mug of cold coffee and wearing a suede fringed jacket, brown moccasins, and black socks. From a distance he looked like he hadn’t changed in a quarter of a century, but up close his face was etched with deep lines of experience. Only his pale … Read More

Rest in Peace, Hugh Hefner (1926-2017)

Neil StraussThe Loop

In the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, Hugh Hefner, age seventy-two, sat in the library in his second skin: a red smoking jacket and black silk pajamas. On the table in front of him were a bottle of Diet Pepsi and a plate of cookies, accessories that replaced his pipe after his 1985 stroke. He spent most of the interview … Read More

Screenwriter/Director Max Landis on the Art of Writing & Selling Scripts

Brian FishbachPodcast

Max Landis is one of the most sought-after screenwriters in Hollywood. From his first big film Chronicle to his upcoming Bright, with Will Smith to his classic YouTube video Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling, Landis is also one of Hollywood’s most prolific screenwriters. In this episode, Max shares an equally large pile of advice, introspection and reflection about the tension between the … Read More

The Best of the Crowd-Sourced Reading Project

Neil StraussBooks

Five years ago, a small group of Inner-Circle readers compiled the most important takeaways and lessons from 23 amazing self-growth books. And roughly every-other week for the entire year, I posted their analysis right here on the blog. By the end of the year, we took all the common themes and advice and put it into an exclusive PDF only … Read More

PostSecret’s Frank Warren on Exposing Your Deepest Secrets and Desires

Brian FishbachPodcast

For 12 years, Frank Warren has been mailed over 1 million secrets on postcards from people on every continent. His website, PostSecret.com has led him to become the most trusted listener of secrets in the world. Frank joins Neil and Gabby in The Truth Barrel to share the lessons he has learned about the secrets that people keep, what they … Read More