How To Make A Fire With A Bow Drill

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Bow Drill Fire Making is among the most common of primitive fire making skills. Once mastered, it provides an endless supply of one of the basic necessities of life. Without fire you cannot cook food (ok baring you have a bushel of limes lying around in lieu of fire), warm yourself, and in some cases keep predators at bay. It … Read More

Why You Should Join CERT

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A couple of years ago, after reading Emergency by Neil Strauss, four friends and I enrolled in a CERT Program. It seemed like it would be a good first step on our road to preparedness and a great first step gaining practical Urban Survival Skills. What Is CERT CERT, short for Community Emergency Response Team, is an 8 – 9 … Read More

Survival Gear Guide: DragonFlyer 6X?

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Let’s face it, on the inside we are all still big kids. When my best friend told me about Dragon Fly, I felt like a little boy hearing about remote control helicopters for the first time. Draganflyer X6, in particular, was the model my best friend was talking about. Think Military UAV, but in a helicopter. The device is intended … Read More

Survival Gear Guide: Ventus Wind Turbine

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The Ventus power station is a theoretical lightweight portable wind turbine system designed by Sergej Kuckir ( The most interesting thing about this invention is it’s versatility. Imagine it, a small and lightweight folding wind power station, which can be used as a renewable source of energy during a disaster, camping trip, or scientific expedition. Kuckir says the Ventus is … Read More

Survival Gear Guide: Nokero Solar Light Blub

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The Nokero Solar Light Bulb is the brain child of Mr. Stephen Katsaros and delivers a unique solution to an all to common problem – how do you produce light safely without traditional power sources. I love solar gadgets especially for hurricane preps and camping. They cut down on having to drag a lot of batteries along when camping or … Read More

How To Build A Blackout Kit

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If a blackout or emergency arises in the middle of the night, will you be prepared? Outages that leave you in the dark can be extremely disruptive and dangerous. Aside from outfitting your home with a generator, one of the best things you can do to mitigate issues that arise during a blackout is to put together a Blackout Kit. … Read More

Neil Strauss On The Unthinkable

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The Unthinkable by Amanda Ripley definitely added to my understanding of how people react in disasters. The writing could be better, but overall it was an interesting book and a decent enough read. Whenever I come across a book that deals largely with the psychology of crisis, violence, survival, or anything related, I jump at the chance to read it. … Read More