A Big Misconception About Happiness

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A Big Misconception about Happiness

Today’s blog post is about a specific life-changing idea. I feel so strongly about this, I was going to write a book about it. But I have three books due this year already, so I’m putting it in this blog post instead. The idea is about your happiness. I talk to many people about their lives and goals, and this … Read More

How to Be a Leader

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One of the tenets of The Society is to create and empower leaders to do good in the world, and teach them how to be a leader of leaders. Our first-ever Society adventure trip was to North Korea, which is where I met Joshua Spodek (see photo above with uncomfortable North Korean soldier). We discussed many things about leadership, among other … Read More

The Subtle Way Most People Self-Sabotage – And How to Prevent It

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There’s a secret to the success I’ve had. And it is something I haven’t shared and haven’t seen anyone else directly discuss. Yet I’ve seen many, many people sabotage themselves in big and small ways by not doing this. It’s so simple, yet so hard for most people to do. The secret: Taking recommendations and advice immediately and correctly. The … Read More

Instead of resolutions, try this…

Neil StraussAdvice, New Years

Did you make a resolution last year, whether on New Year’s or during the year itself? And if you did make a resolution or a promise to yourself, did you keep it? If you didn’t succeed or stick with it, then I’m going to suggest something: Don’t make another goal. Instead: Figure out why you didn’t succeed with your last … Read More

Laser-Focus on Your Goals

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There’s a lot of talk about goals, getting started, and making things happen… The number one enemy of achievement is probably the inability to focus…Or should I say, the strong ability to get distracted easily. I’ve written plenty about productivity tools, time management tips, and “life hacks” in the past. You can read that stuff here. This is more about … Read More

Need Validation?

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Most people are motivated by external factors like money, status, and material success. I know I was for most of my life. You might be too. We spend most of our lives craving validation from the outside world. We want to be successful in their eyes. But once you start to appear “successful” —either by purchasing that awesome new car, … Read More

Just Start

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When we think about setting big goals, we almost instantly doubt ourselves about achieving them… As soon as the initial excitement about the prospect of a better future fades, the internal voice kicks in and attempts to self sabotage us — before we even begin. There are three ways you can respond to this: 1. You can say it’s impossible, … Read More

The #1 Secret of Top Performers

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Spoiler Alert: It’s self care. Every day you need physical energy, mental clarity, and emotional balance to tackle everything that comes your way.. Self care is the secret to performing at your highest level. Happiness and health should be at your highest priorities. Click To Tweet Because without those — you won’t be able to share your gift with the … Read More

Motivation is Overrated

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If you’re relying solely on your motivation to reach a goal… You’re in for a rude awakening. Sure motivation helps, especially with getting started, taking initial action, and building emotion… But motivation is an emotion. It doesn’t last forever. And any meaningful goal, takes a long time to achieve. If you rely solely on your motivation, you’ll get burned out … Read More

5 Ways To Get Your Time Back

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There’s a myth that time is money. In fact, time is more precious than money. It’s a nonrenewable resource. Once you’ve spent it, and if you’ve spent it badly, it’s gone forever. Time is a nonrenewable resource. -Dr. Neil Fiore Click To Tweet The above is a quote from Dr. Neil Fiore. Your biggest asset is your time because you … Read More