Enrolling: How We Manipulate Our Friends Into Helping Us Lie To Ourselves

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I’m going to attempt to explain a concept I came up with while writing The Truth, and watching people who were struggling with personal issues—including myself—resist huge opportunities for growth and change. It was almost as if we were holding a bar of gold and saying, “This isn’t real gold. It’s garbage, right?” And all our friends would look at … Read More

Justin Thought He Had No Shit

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Last week, I wrote about how most of us carry around a Big Bag of Shit in our lives that gets in the way of our happiness and relationships. When I sent an email to the members of my Inner Circle letting them know about the post, I made a special challenge: “If you read the article and you don’t … Read More

Why are you here?

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Many people believe that the purpose of life is to pass your genes on to the next generation, but that is just fulfilling your obligation to the survival of your species. Your personal purpose in life is to enjoy it. And if you do get the chance to pass on your genes, enjoying life will make you the best parent … Read More

Thank You

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After much help and discussion, I’ve been able to come up with a title for my next book…