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Something incredible happened… My six-year-old son must have overheard me talking business with the team. Because this weekend, he asked me to print out pictures of rare Pokemon cards. Then he started affixing the photos over the faces of more generic Pokemon cards. He looked at the result, and noted that it didn’t look shiny like the other Pokemon cards. … Read More

Writing tip #6 Show. Don’t tell

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  This is the latest article from Neil on writing. If you want to create compelling, unputdownable writing. And feel fulfilled by the process, read on below: Have ever noticed how painstaking it can be to get through a single page of a textbook or scientific study? But you can fly through entire chapters of a novel without thinking twice about … Read More

Changing the Frame

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This is the latest article from Neil on expanding your mental frame. If you want to take a situation, problem, or experience, and expand your mental frame to create a new interpretation of it, read on below: One more big idea from NLP I want to share with you… In NLP, it’s called: Reframing. Reframing is about taking a situation, … Read More

The Right Questions…

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This is the latest article from Neil on improving your communication. If you want to create a better state of mind, way of being, lifestyle, or business, read on below: One of my favorite NLP instructors is Mike Mandel, a world-renowned master hypnotist who has been studying and teaching this stuff for over 50 years. A few years ago, I … Read More

Whatever the question…

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This is the latest article from Neil on love and compassion. If you want your life and relationships to instantly transform, read on below:  I get questions every day. So many struggles, so many challenges, so much confusion, so much soul-searching. With words that one of my mentors once shared with me: Whatever the question, the right answer is love … Read More

Thank You

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After much help and discussion, I’ve been able to come up with a title for my next book…