How to Break Away from Overeating and Emotional Eating

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Two friends of Neil and Gabby enter The Truth Barrel to share the truth about being chronically overweight: Scott (The Truth Barrel sound engineer), and Patrick (Neil’s temporary right-hand person).

Both Scott and Patrick are over six feet and north of 300 pounds. Neil and Gabby do their best to make a potentially life-saving game-plan for Scott and Patrick to change.

They also dig inside the refrigerator to review the basics about the good, the bad, and the dangerous foods that you’re led to eat too often.

Then they go deeper to discuss the emotional reasons for why we eat foods that we logically know are hurting us.

In this episode, you will learn…

►How to enlist someone to keep you accountable.

►How to jump-start your change in diet.

►How do you know when you’re being triggered to eat emotionally.

►Why a loved one shouldn’t ever be your food police.

►How to have a conversation about enlisting the people close to you in your weight loss plan.

►Why places that proclaim their healthiness are deceptively unhealthy.

►How to stop yourself from eating fast food when on the road or lacking time.

►What “rationalization justification” is and why it leads to destructive behavior such as weight gain.

►What Gabby’s “40 Days of suspended faith” strategy is.

►Resources for trauma healing and why you might be engaging in trauma abstinence.

Listen ➙ The Truth Barrel, Episode 53:  Overeating & Emotional Eating



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Episode 53: How to Break Away from Overeating and Emotional Eating.

Episode 53: How to Break Away from Overeating and Emotional Eating.

Episode 53: How to Break Away from Overeating and Emotional Eating.