Become an oak tree


Just as acorns are meant to become oak trees, we’re meant to unfold our fullest potential. When we stagnate or get stuck, we intuitively know something is wrong. We don’t feel much happiness; instead, we feel increasing despair and frustration—aware of our untapped potential, yet feeling trapped and unable to act on it. These harder feelings, though uncomfortable, are actually … Read More

A recent release

SharonNeil, The Society, Writing

A recent release has caught attention: “The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl” authored by Becky Lynch. This memoir, penned by the renowned WWE wrestler under her real name, Rebecca Quin, unveils an inspiring narrative. Initially, Lynch had sought a ghostwriter, but feeling that it didn’t capture her essence, she embarked on the daunting task of writing it herself. Despite … Read More

A personal call to action: My reflection on giving back in 2024

SharonNew Years

So, it’s been a challenging time in the world, and I find myself reflecting on the importance of giving back. I know, I know – my New Year’s message is a bit late, and we’re already 1/12th into the year (a somewhat scary thought!). Truth is, I wrote this a while back and somehow forgot to press send. Sometimes, completing … Read More

Becoming Unstuck


Over the years, we’ve been on quite a journey together. Whether it’s through books, emails, or various programs, we’ve evolved in our own ways, shaped by our interests and resources. When I started coaching, my focus was on seminars. The idea was simple: gather everyone in a room for a weekend, share my knowledge, and watch lives improve. Sometimes it … Read More

The Rewarding Path of Reparenting Yourself…

SharonSurvival, Writing

After walking through the first three steps of the healing process… Awareness of your core wound Releasing stored negative emotions attached to it, and Forgiving the caretaker(s) who wounded you… Comes the final task: The long, rewarding path of reparenting yourself, and choosing to live as a healed, functional adult… Which is perhaps never a one-and-done job, but likely a … Read More

Navigating Family Dynamics During the Holidays


Introduction The festive holiday season is fast approaching, and with it, the promise of cherished family gatherings. However, for many of us, these gatherings can also reignite old emotional wounds and tensions. In this insightful blog post, we will explore strategies to navigate the intricate web of family dynamics during this special time of year, transforming it into an opportunity … Read More

How to become free of conflict


Because managing that balance has an impact far more than it may seem. In addition to impacting your health and immunity, stress lowers your emotional and psychological capacity.   Your capacity to perform well, to think clearly, and to handle pressure, conflict, and your hot buttons.   When we’re more prone to being reactive, our relationships usually suffer as a result.   That … Read More

Lack Of An Abundant Mindset


Your financial situation… Is largely dictated by the money mindset you borrowed from your family system… Unfortunately, for most of us, that tends to be a scarcity mindset—full of stress, worry, negative attitudes, and limiting beliefs. Whereas very few of us had role models with an abundant mindset… Full of confidence, creativity, positivity, resourcefulness, and optimism. An abundant mindset sees … Read More

Rewrite A Script


I’ll trust you… And assume you’ve put some thought into your formative experiences surrounding money. If you did, you’ll be well prepared for today’s exercise. Because what we’ll be doing next is rewriting your money script—the mindset and collection of beliefs that you’ve been acting out, which dictate your financial situation. To rewrite a script, you’ll need to have a copy … Read More

Our Inner Voice


I’d like to begin with a relevant thought, which is based on this tweet I posted recently: Our inner voice tends to speak to us like our parents did. For most of us, this retraumatizes rather than supports “If you want to be happier, make sure your inner voice speaks to you like the parents you needed, not necessarily the … Read More